Discover the Secrets to Creating Realistic Animated Grass

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Finished Result

In this tutorial you will discover:

  • How to model realistic grass
  • How to make light pass through objects
  • How to use softbody simulations

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When I get to the UV part I follow the directions, but for some reason I’m not getting the grass texture transferred to my object. It looks like it should be automatic. Any help?

I used your suggestion at the end using displacement method, here’s the result,

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blender 2.62 64 bits sous ubuntu 64 bits
i7 2600k + 16go corsair vengeance PC-12800

Le rendu plante.

Est-ce un défaut de la nouvelle version de blender ?

  • Ah oui, tu précise que t’es sous ubuntu, j’avais pas vu ! T’as un memtest d’integré alors, au démarrage du pc garde la touche shift enfoncé et tu verras le menu grub, selectionne la première ligne avec écrit memtest sans parenthèses (je ne sais pas à quoi sert la seconde ligne avec parenthèses).

You can call the plane a trapeziod, because it has two prarallel sides and two that are not parralell.

  • NO Sleeping in class!

  • Andrew if u got this please comment back>>>>1-when i baked my scene the grass the blender crashed or its too heavy on my system is there something i should do i followed the tut well but its not baking . 2- whats your computer specs>>>>>Just to know

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i cant find the grass texture used in tutorial

I cant find the textures …

I was used to an older tutorial you made. Where is it gone?
Thanks for the great stuff anyway, you rock

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You are a beast!!! really great tutorial

onde posso adquirir o material escrito para que eu possa traduzir para português?

mine looks soo short. about 1/3 bottom part of the blades pierce the plane. anyone can help? please.. it took me for 10hrs. im almost giving up. sorry for my english between..

  • Make sure the origin point of the grass blades are at the base. To do this:
    select the grass,
    change to edit mode,
    select the middle/bottom most vertices,
    then press shift S.

    Click Cursor to Selection,
    go back into object mode and on the left in the tool bar (press T i think, if its not there) and click origin. Then click Origin to 3D cursor.

    That should set the origin point to the bottom and the blades wont be sticking out the bottom anymore.

  • Thanks! Had the same problem and with your help i can continue working.

hey whats up? please can you make a tutorial about how to make a rose with some dew? i will be very grateful, I cant make it by my own, but I tried XD

At 22:48 the particle systems change from Foreground / Background to background/particle system 2, i take it particle system 2 is the foreground system? Kind of threw me a bit as i was working through it

I can’t get the background image to appear

  • try this. select ‘top’ in view of backgrond tab and view it on the top view

Soft body is really killing my computer when i open Finished scene :-) I wonder what Andrew’s PC has under the hood.. ;-)

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