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This is the best, most professional project I have ever seen… BRAVO!

  • This is the most fitting comment there can be :D

will you teach this in unity3d anytime?

  • I don’t think Andrew uses Unity.



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how do i find these tutorial

  • You have to buy the course.



  • Er, what?

Hey folks, Free tutorials, great instructors and some tutorials run as much as 11-12 50 minute sections and is still free. They teach both Blender and 3Ds Max. No need to pay for tutorials, too many free out there. Greed will get you every time!!!!

  • What’s your point? That someone that tries to make money from their work is greedy? Don’t quite understand. Blender Guru has free tutorials as well. And Blender Cookie charges for their longer series (which are terribly boring by the way).

  • blender cookie has paid content as well as free, just like guru. Both are great resources. Andrew earned every penny with this. If you can’t afford the small investment in this series, perhaps this is the wrong hobby/career for you.

I can’t find any place to log in for the dashboard. I joined the first round of the excellent Nature Academy. Can anyone help please? :)

  • /login … of course. Sorry. ;)

C’est domage qu’un aussi beau tuto soit payant, les gens peuvent pas tous se le payer :s mais bravo, c’est propre continuez endrew vous irez loin.

  • Sebastien, il faut que tu realises qu’il y a des annees et des annees de travail derriere ces tutos. Je suis prof de musique et il faut absolument que tout le monde cesse de croire que tout doit etre gratruit sous pretexte que c’est sur Internet. Si tu allais dans une ecole pour apprendre tout ce qu’il y a sur ce site, tu ne trouverais rien a redire sur le fait que se soit payant et comme toute les ecoles, elles ne sont pas forcement accessibles a tout le monde. Respecte le travail des autres et inspires-toi de ces personnes qui font de leur mieux pour partager leurs connaissances. Les profs ont des factures a payer eux aussi !!

It keeps on saying my password is incorrect :( I tried to reset as well but it doesn’t work….!

  • Sorry! It works now :D


i dicided to join this site immediattly why not it’s the siteof my friend and it’s verry interresent to.

Took me a couple of minutes before I decided to join in. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a “long” time (1 year of Blender behind me) so I’m really excited!

Two things are still putting me off.

1. The forest scene looked rushed and incomplete (and was a “to be finished” project when the Nature Academy began). The fact that the delivery for this has not been fixed, even toted at this point, bothers me.

2. The faux values are insulting. There is no way around this point, if your product has value, don’t estimate it for me. Let me know what you are including. Anything besides the meat and potatoes should be side notes, as in, “and here are some other cool things, I hope you notice them.” Address them as such and you will see the community itself inform others of the value. But at the moment, it’s bringing attention where attention is undue.

Stop selling yourself short Andrew. We love you for your personality and talent. And yes, part of that personality is salesmanship, but not of the cheap/cheesy variety.

What is with the steak knives sales pitch?? I thought they only use that for selling Viagra?? Andrew, I was thinking of signing up but the 30 min monologue broke me… I have been a frequent viewer of your tuts for some time and wanted to give something back but that sales pitch is so annoying…. at the end of the day a good product will sell itself and Andrew you do make a good product.

Andrew Price Rocks!! Yee Hah! And I’m not even his biggest fan. Could tell lots of hard work went into making these tutorials and research. Don’t blame him for the kinda high costs though. But still, you guys have a point. It’s Christmas, and it should be a little less……" PRICEY "…no Pun intended. He! He! Bet Andrew will like that one. He! He!

I’ve thought of the nature academy more as a school, and the way I look at it, paying y’know around 3-400 for the course right now, plus getting all the extra stuff which would be even more expensive for free basically, saves you like 2000 or more because you wouldnt have to be taking a college course on this later, I haven’t looked that far into education costs for that but I assume with nature it would be uber expensive. depending on if you were to go to college for animation

hey folks, has anyone received an email about being the first 100 who’ve joined? Just curious.

FYI, Mojave is pronounced mo-ha-vee