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I have only watched the first video, and I am very pleased. I am able to follow with a basic rudimentary understanding of blender’s interface. However, already I see my ability to produce quality renders excel. Kuddos to this class!

Hi, Andrew!
It is very good tutorials, and great pictures.

Just out of curiosity, why so expensive?
you are only one who expensive than other.
Why not lower price? We have christmas coming.
Should be early as November instead of December.
I think everyone think “Whoa, It so expensive”.
They checked their Wallet.
I don’t meant rude. Sorry
Should make price divide?
I hope you don’t mad. or shut down website.
please don’t be mad. Just out of curiosity.
sorry bad engish, (I’m deaf)

  • Personally Andrew is right in there with the well known Digital Tutors for Maya, Max, etc.. They charge a base of $45 / mo. and you don’t get to keep your access and there is no cap. As he says, it’s 13 payments of whatever amount you can do. You can also look at it this way… If you get a grande latte at Starbucks ($4.49 / day) for 7 days then you’ve spent $31.43 that week on coffee. It’s all based on what’s more important. ;-) He’s made this a full-time job because there was never anything like this with quality even remotely close.

    Not trying to offend anyone at all. :) Just keep in mind the return on investment for yourself. If you get the course are you doing so for yourself or to further your career? If it’s to further your career then a few hundred dollars is well worth the possibilities.

    I wish you all the best in Blendering and looking forward to seeing what comes out of the academy!

  • I also think that the price is ok for so much stuff, but, as a student, I can’t pay even more than I paid for my ProductionPremium CS5 (Student and Teacher Edition)
    that isn’t ok :D

    Andrew should do this student pricing programme, with lower prices, maybe without the other stuff, just the tutorials, would be ok for me.

    But at that price I can’t buy this.

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These scenes are incredibly appealing. I wish i had more time.

What is the last date to apply? Won’t have any funds until around the 1st of January.

it’s amazing, I have followed blenderguru few months ago and this course of nature academy exceeds my expectations, I’d definitely sign up, greetings from Guatemala … blender ROCKS!

i’m in Africa and i ’m the blender friend because it makes me happy
i thanks ANDREW PRICE for all tuto

i love bender from lao county

I want to get this, but have a couple of questions.
1) Can you start any time?
2) Can you pay and then start a month or two later? Good to get the wowfactor :)
2) If not available for 1-2 weeks during those 13 weeks, can you still access all the information or will you miss something?

35 minutes people, help support Andrew for the knowledge he shares and also learn yourself something.

@ Andrew,

Just out of curiosity will these new additions to The Nature Academy be the final additions, or do you have plans to expand even further than a 13 week course? Nature is a huge topic and I can’t believe that only 13 Video Tutorials will be the product of this marvelous work.

I look forward to attending this session, thanks a million times for making it possible.

ive my plasticcard ready… now its time to press F5!

Hello.-…I like to enter on this project.. but I dont understand how is the link to pay ! UuUu ..:)

  • The payment options will appear when the project reopens. In about one hour or so. Be patient.

  • A Ok… Grazie ! :D …

    when I come here always the video start auto automatically..can be stop it ?! :P

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What will be the payment options? Except paypal?

If the price is too high, you can always sell a kidney! Who needs 2 anyway?

  • I have to quit smoking cigarettes to afford this, but it will be a win win for me.

And Andrew has a very loyal fan base. I mean how easy it would be to just pay for one TNA login and then put the videos on torrent sites! But no! Despite the high price, Andrew’s fans will prefer starving, or resort to prostitution or drug dealing rather than hurt the profitability of their guru’s business model. Hats off to Mr Price!

  • so true!

Andrew, I love what you do. You have a very good business model going on there.
Assuming you have 200+ participants for each session of TNA (there were 109 work submissions for the final contest, probably only one in 2 participating), at 200 $ each, that’s a minimum of 40K $ for every session! Very nice!

  • jealous? create you own academy with blender, dont bash down everthing!

3 hours…..

Andrew u go along with your video man…this trailer is worth watching but 31 min’s is that wow factor u have created !. Nature academy is really worth and valuable for any blender artist coz u have given everything the ppl. Love that

andrew please, please.. make a cheaper membership, like a silver or iron one… with a price of 90$ dollars or less, include in it simply, tutorials(nothing else)… because not everyone is living in u.s or australia…

  • Nope, we want the expensive tutorials for free instead!

  • jejejej

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5 hours….

  • Counting down the minutes too? lol