Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is The Nature Academy?

The Nature Academy is an online membership site that gives you instant access to exclusive nature tutorials and resources. The course goes for 13 weeks in total and gradually walks you through creating complex nature scenes in Blender.

2. How and where do I sign up?

Right here! You can start creating nature in less than 5 minutes :)

3. Is there a course schedule I need to adhere to?

Nope! The course runs at your own pace. Each week a new tutorial is unlocked and made available to you, however you aren't required to log in at a specific time or to complete any work within a specified time frame. You can go fast or slow, it's entirely up to you.

4. Will my membership expire?

No, never! Once all 13 weeks are unlocked, you will remain a member for the lifetime of the site.

5. Can I download it?

Yep! Each video includes a download link underneath it for easy saving. Or you can just stream it off the site.

6. Is there going to be a DVD version?

No, sorry. Currently the only option is via the membership site, as DVDs can quickly become outdated.

The Nature Academy is open! JOIN NOW.

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i am not able to download the box of goodies

It’s a shame that the course is outdated for cycles users.

Are textures still royalty-free?

Are these tutorials rendered in cycles render or blender render

  • Blender internal.

How much is it?

is fantastic

Hey! I want to render all the tutorials with the cycles render!. How can I do that??

its not fair all these tutorials costs i am a student how i will pay .andrew at least you can make video tutorial to be viewed without any money or there should be also a free membership where only tutorials are available,.

  • Yes! I agree!

its not fair all these tutorials costs i am a student how i will pay .andrew at least you can make video tutorial to be viwed without any money or there should be also a free membership where only tutorials are available,.

Just curious, how good of a computer do I need? I’m sure I’ll be able to do it, here are my specs if anyone can answer: Intel Core i7 2670QM running at 2.2 ghz with 3.1 ghz turbo boost; 8 GB or DDR3 RAM; 1.5 GB Nvidia GeForce 555M GPU

What currency is the course price? if its USD then the course is way over priced compared to other premium training sites..

It’s Feb 15 2012, does this mean the course wont be available until Dec 7 2012?

  • no

  • nope, right now it’s available all the time :)

Hello. Which time is the 11am EST on the 7th of December in European time in Germany?

  • According to my calcs, I make it just over 3 hours from now - which makes it 2am Thursday morning in AEST (Brisbane) and, uh, 5pm Wednesday in Germany! :)

And lo, 11am EST came and went and the Nature Academy has not reopened. Which leaves me standing here pounding on the door, begging to be let in… :-) (It also raises the question of which EST we’re talking about?)

Oh well, I guess I’ll come back tonight… :-)

  • Sorry,didn’t know that but he means EST North America. At least from my experience with him through the class, that’s what he always meant

  • No worries. I’ll know for next time! :-)

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Hi Andrew,

I would like to attend the course. But I have some concerns:
I am complete novice in Blender or 3D. I’m just going to learn Blender. Your trailer has me, as well as all your other work, really impressed. Now I’m not sure if this course is right for a novice. I am not only interested in natural scenes, but generally in 3D scenes. Will there be any other academy in the future from you, which includes several topics?

Another point that makes me skeptical is my bad English.

I look forward to your reply.

  • cgcookie has some free tutorials specifically for beginners.

  • Thank you all…

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Nature Academy is a really good idea Andrew, I’m amazed, BUT is there maybe anyway to get an cheaper account without Bonus material? The Bonus seems very helpfull, but the main thing I think is that you train through the toturials. I would really like it to join nature Academy, but its too expensive for ME… Please look, if you can do there anything for an cheaper account…

What about specs?

What render engine are you using? Internal? I’m excited about the Cycles conversion, that’ll be swank.

There was some other program you said was used for the tree tutorials? Arbor… something or other… is it free too or is that an additional cost?

Do you work with just the final image render or do you go over animation?

All the same, I think once I’m finally moved I’ll get this! Cheers!

  • arbaro is a software for making trees and you can download it for free off the internet.
    the only other external software is the ivy generator ( which is also free)
    i dont know about the last 4 weeks, but andrew said he kept external softwares to a minimum (unless they were really good at a function and sped up the work a lot) so that it is easy to follow and the tutorials as simple as possible.
    also any other software he uses will be free as he said that he didnt want to bind anyone who bought the nature academy, to be forced to buy anything else to get the full benefit of the tutorials

    everything is done in the internal rendering engine.
    the animation tutorials are bonuses available for only some of the scenes (like grass, trees, ocean etc. where the actual elements are moving..not for the ones with just camera movement (like rocks or mountain)..

    hope that answers all your questions

The link in #3 is wrong:

I can’t wait for this to open. I hope it’s not so expensive.

Hi Andrew, Thanks for the OTHER FREE tutorials.Regarding this Academy.What about those who have no access to plastic cards? Can I pay by bank to bank transfer? What are the requirements? Sorry for all these questions.

  • Question #2 says there will be an option to pay through paypal on a weekly basis, if you don’t already have one open an account, I have used paypal in the past no need to worry about security there. The Fact that we will be able to pay weekly is HUGE.

    Thanks for that Andrew! I may be able to join this time around after all.

  • Ya! Payall still needs plastic Cards right!?

Something tells me this whole Nature Academy thing, is gonna be interesting.