Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is The Nature Academy?

The Nature Academy is an online membership site that gives you instant access to exclusive nature tutorials and resources. The course goes for 13 weeks in total and gradually walks you through creating complex nature scenes in Blender.

2. How and where do I sign up?

Right here! You can start creating nature in less than 5 minutes :)

3. Is there a course schedule I need to adhere to?

Nope! The course runs at your own pace. Each week a new tutorial is unlocked and made available to you, however you aren't required to log in at a specific time or to complete any work within a specified time frame. You can go fast or slow, it's entirely up to you.

4. Will my membership expire?

No, never! Once all 13 weeks are unlocked, you will remain a member for the lifetime of the site.

5. Can I download it?

Yep! Each video includes a download link underneath it for easy saving. Or you can just stream it off the site.

6. Is there going to be a DVD version?

No, sorry. Currently the only option is via the membership site, as DVDs can quickly become outdated.

The Nature Academy is open! JOIN NOW.

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The concept of weekly payments is excellent, I wanted to join the last Nature Academy, but failed to get the cashola happening on short notice, and “missed the boat”. Thanks, now I am getting pretty excited about it, the results from other students are really great! Blender Guru is awesome!

Well it’s about time…..just kiddin’. That’s great news, and I’m looking forward to the numbers and pay per week option

Hi Andrew. I’ve been really busy this year and have only just managed to get back in and continue my Nature Academy course. I was just about to log in to get the videos for Plants – week 4 when I noticed that it’s now unavailable. When you reopen on the 7th Dec, will I still have access to the original course material? Thanks. Bob

  • The course is reset for everyone. So you’ll now have to wait for that tutorial to be ‘unlocked’ in order to view it again.
    Seeing as he’s now keeping it open forever, you should have access to all tutorials and materials for life after the 13th week. :)

  • Oh I understand. That’s great, thanks :D

Could it be translate in french??

  • not in near future, I guess, but he has got Text versions of all the tutorials, so probably you can understand those, if you’re problem is english pronounciation.

Awesome! I’m definitely getting it this time. I followed the grass tutorial and I was hooked. Never thought I could create such realistic nature on a computer.

“however I can tell you that it will include an option to pay weekly.” Oh yeah ! Very Good Idea :)


DUDE! I sooooo wishssssssssssssss I could do this!! however I don’t have the $$ right know….. but trust me!! I will!!

So it’s going to be around $200 again? That’s alot of money bro. You should also just sell the tutorials individually. Like: “Learn how to make an ocean scene” and sell it for like $20. I’d buy that. but $200 is just getting ridiculous. I’d rather join blendercookie where I get a wider variety of tutorials but for half the price.

  • probably you’ll get the next academy cheaper, if you signed up for the nature academy before, so the price would be ok.
    But for me it’s impossible to join, I’m still a student and really can’t afford this :(

    Andrew should do some student pricing! :)

  • 26 a week is very pricey, considering the wide range of free tutorials, and cheap DVD’s available. No offence to Andrew, but 104 bucks a month is pretty steep

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i can not wait for this! so excited for the coarse to re open! :D

Can’t wait, hope I have enough in savings to join, weekly payments will defiantly help.

For me christmas this year is already on the 7th december :)

Just to make sure I understand, If I paid for the first round, do I still have access to it on the second (this december) and its updated tutorials?

  • Nature Academy is a really good idea Andrew, I’m amazed, BUT is there maybe anyway to get an cheaper account without Bonus material? The Bonus seems very helpfull, but the main thing I think is that you train through the toturials. I would really like it to join nature Academy, but its too expensive for ME… Please look, if you can do there anything for an cheaper account…

  • Fully agree to that, make cheaper accounts available!

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Cool cool. When the 1st TNA opened, I was so goddamn broke. Not that I’m loaded nowadays, but if the price is even roughly about same level, I’m most definetely in! :)

  • staff

    ^Yep! When it comes to the paypal screen click the button which says “Don’t have a paypay account? Click here.”
    However, if you want to pay weekly you will need a PayPal account.

  • ok im in!! thanks!

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