Discover the Secrets to Creating Realistic Nature in Blender

Product Features

• 13 In-depth Nature Tutorials

• 636 Nature Textures

• 2, 118 Reference Photos

• 138 Nature Models

• 13 Ready made nature scenes

• 224 Professional Nature Photos

• much, much more! 


Nature: The 'Holy Grail' of CGI


Whether we're walking through the park, driving to work or looking out our window, nature is something we see every day. As such when it's created 'digitally' our eyes are quick to spot a fake if something is slightly off. It's for this reason that nature is incredibly hard to create. And as such, most artists just avoid it entirely!

That's why I've create The Nature Academy. This online training course is aimed at teaching you how to create gorgeous nature scenes using Blender.


Why is Nature Important?

If you haven't seen it already, take a moment to watch this short film: The Third and The Seventh.

The artist's name is Alex Roman, and he did something that almost no one else dared to do: created a photorealistic short film with nature. 

Architecture has been done countless times before, but nature? That's hard.

By doing what others thought was impossible he propelled his name into an almost cult like status. His short film is widely known throughout the industry as a groundbreaking example of what one artist can accomplish.

Nature is an incredibly tough subject to approach, and one that most artists avoid. If you can succeed at it then you've got a great chance at being seen in the industry.

"Andrew has done an excellent job taking a very intimidating subject in CG and breaking it down into simple steps. The overall result looks fantastic and his teaching is as good as always. I don't know of any other training resource for Blender that covers the nature topic this thoroughly."

-Jonathan Williamson

I used to be terrible at nature...

To be honest, before I made The Nature Academy. I was terrible at nature. No really. I hated the idea of adding anything green to my scene and actively avoided it.

But being a naive, cocky artist with a website called Blender Guru. I thought, 'hey, let's make a training course about nature. It'll be easy!' Boy was I wrong.

When I attempted it for the first time I realized just how difficult it really was.

I fired up Blender and got cracking on a forest scene (which I later learned is the hardest of all nature scenes to create), and after 5 days work I got the image to the left.

Oh dear.

Not exactly breathtaking is it? Not only was it flat, and boring render, but it took forever to render! I had made everything so high poly that my computer was straining to render it. Clearly I had no idea what I was doing.

So I decided to try something a little bit easier: Grass. Piece of cake right? WRONG.

After giving it my best effort I ended up with the image on the right.

Not exactly the Mona Lisa!

It was at this stage I thought, 'Maybe Blender just isn't capable of creating realistic nature.'

I was about to give up right there.

But by some sheer fluke I discovered a function in the material settings called 'Translucency' that lets light pass through objects. Almost instantly I noticed a difference.

Things began to click.

Several days later and I created this image:

I then realized that Blender is capable of achieving realistic results... you just need to know the right techniques.

"The best part about the course is discovering those one or two buttons that make all the difference, and save you hours of searching for answers by yourself.  Andrew goes from something simple then *bam* the render looks amazing. Seeing it in real-time lets me know I can reach the same result without confusion."

-Lee Salvemini
Sintel (animator)
Introducing... The Nature Academy

The Nature Academy is a 13-Week online training course aimed at teaching you what took me 8 months to figure out.

The course carefully guides you through the process of creating realistic nature scenes with Blender. The tutorials start out easy and then increase with complexity as the course progresses. This ensures that you keep learning but you aren't left behind.

By joining the course you are skipping the 8 months of frustration that I went through and jumping straight to the results.

Essentially I've created the course that I wish I had when I started.

What Past Students Have Created:

"I'd never really tried natural scenes before, but these tutorials brought my work to life!"

"I was astounded at how quickly and easily Andrew's methods bring great results. I'd never really tried natural scenes before, but these tutorials brought my work to life! The bonuses are mighty fine as well! You'd get the most out of the course if you already know the basics of Blender. Though I still think even relative novices would be able to follow it."

--Ben Baker




"Andrew's teaching style is exceptional."

I was a little bit skeptical of The Nature Academy at first since I had never participated in an online
training course before, however I finally bit the bullet and I'm glad I did. Andrew's style of teaching is exceptional. He explains when and why certain features should be used, and why these particular settings are most appropriate.

--Dean Wronowski (


"I would recommend this course to anyone who thinks Vue is the only software capable of creating nature scenes..."

One of the most valuable things I learned in the course was compositing. All of those post-processing tricks (atmospherics, lens flares, vignettes, color balancing, depth of field, etc) are extremely valuable. Andrew has clearly done his homework on the subject of nature modeling as evidenced by the quality and depth of his lessons. I would recommend this course to anyone who thinks Vue is the only software capable of creating nature scenes and any Blender users who are ready to take their skill set to the next level.

--Jeff Bayer



What others have said about my teaching
"BlenderGuru is one of the best Blender tutorial sites on the internet. Period. Andrew Price brings a depth of knowledge, artistry and just plain good humor and fun to his tutorials that most others lack. My 3D creations have gone from being what can only be described as pathetic to actually gaining some real compliments from my family. This is primarily the result of the information gained from BlenderGuru and a lot of practice, of course. Thanks, Andrew!"

-Ron Bewick 
"I started using Blender last October and I have to thank Andrew personally. His tutorials are simply the best on the web! He makes experimenting with new techniques enjoyable, and after a tutorial I can start putting these techniques into practice right away. Many other tutorials cover Blender features, but fall short in making me able to think outside the box with these features; Andrew’s go further.”

-Dan Boivin
"Before finding, Blender was really difficult to get to grips with. Since finding the site, I have started to create more realistic-looking scenes than ever before. And I owe it all the BlenderGuru's free tutorials and paid products."

-Jayden Beveridge
"With the speed that blender development moves, finding up to date documentation is very difficult . Many of tutorial sites focus mainly on modelling but the tutorials on BlenderGuru go way beyond this. With the in depth coverage of the compositor and a keen eye for the world around us Andrew continues to produce the most realistic images I've seen in a tutorial. Without BlenderGuru my Blender world would lack reality."

-Philip Lewis
"Blender Guru is the one site that really pulled my CG skills up by the boots. Andrew has done his homework, he teaches with a experience and ease far beyond any other software mentor out there."

-Leighton Hajicek

"The tutorials on BlenderGuru have helped me immensely. I loved using Blender to make 3D models and as a tool to unlock my creativity, but I always had a hard time finishing what I had made in a way that was presentable. BlenderGuru helped me learn to finish what I started by teaching me some of the basics that I had never bothered to learn."

-Cole Adams
"At first blender looked like a daunting amount of controls randomly scattered all around the screen, with a cube right in the center looking at me and "saying" "what's next, buddy?". Since finding BlenderGuru I realized not only how to use blender's full potential, but also how to find simple solutions to achieve great results. Thanks a lot!"

-Rodrigo Silva 
"What sets Blender Guru apart from other tutorial websites is Andrew Price's skill not only as a graphic artist but also as a teacher. He not only shows you how to do something, but explains the "why?" behind it. He understands the techniques of communicating a new skill to someone in ways that other artists simply do not."

-Bobby Huggins

What You Get:

The Nature Academy is a membership portal. Upon joining you will receive instant access with a login and password that gives lets you in to all the exclusive tutorials and bonuses inside.

Features of the membership site:

  • Instant Access - Start watching straight away! No more waiting for shipping.
  • Downloadable videos - All videos are available for downloading in 720P or streaming from the site.
  • Comments - Stuck? Help is available! Drop a comment beneath the video to be seen by hundreds of members inside the course.
  • Structured - All videos are in chronological order and tagged for easy searching.
  • Forum - An exclusive members only forum where you can share works or seek help.


Take a look inside the site:

"Knowing the quality of tutorials on BlenderGuru, I had high expectations for The Nature Academy. Andrew has put a lot of time and research into this course and it clearly shows. The resulting images don't just showcase a great collection of techniques, they look absolutely gorgeous - which is very important. This makes them not only a great foundation to learn from, it also serves as a vital inspiration for the viewer.

I recommend this course to Intermediate Blender users who already have experience with the basic functionality."

-Andy Goralczyk
Big Buck Bunny (art director)
The Tutorials


  • Week 1: Grass

  • Week 2: Rocks

  • Week 3: Trees

  • Week 4: Plants

  • Week 5: Lakes

  • Week 6: Flowers

  • Week 7: Oceans

  • Week 8: Mountains

  • Week 9: Forests

  • Week 10: Aerial Flyovers

  • Week 11: Deserts

  • Week 12: High Detail Grass



Bonus #1: Texture Pack

 Massive texture pack of 636 nature textures, that have been tested to work with blender for nature scenes. Includes a plethora of seamless textures useful for quickly mapping objects.

Valued at $297


Bonus #2: Reference Photo Pack

An invaluable resource of 1892 nature photos, taken from all parts of the world including, Australia, Fiji, The Phillipines, India, Romania, England, Scotland, USA and South Korea. All photos can be used commercially.

Valued at $297



Bonus #3: The Drag n Drop Collection

An entire library of 138 pre-made nature models. Perfect for filling up a scene if you're on a tight deadline. All models can be used commercially.

Valued at $462


Bonus #4: The Vault

The complete .blend files from the tutorials and trailer. 13 Files in total. Ready for you to explore and see how the final effect was created.

Valued at $197



Bonus #5: Cycles Guide

A conversion guide for the new rendering engine, Cycles. Offers tips and methods for creating materials and lighting setups in Cycles. Due to the current beta phase of Cycles, this feature will only be available in July of 2012.

Valued at $27


Bonus #6: Bite Sized Tutorials

A collection of mini tutorials teaching you a range of different nature techniques. Like outdoor lighting, atmospheric falloff, linking models etc.

This is perfect for when you quickly need to know a technique but don't have time to watch a whole tutorial.

Valued at $57

Bonus #7: Oliver Huth Collection

A collection of 224 professional nature photographs, donated by photographer Oliver Huth. These are perfect for inspiration and reference. What's more is that these photographs can be use commercially! Feel free to use them as backdrops, backgrounds or any other scene.

Valued at $197

Bonus #8: Course Outline

This downloadable, printer friendly PDF will ensure that you stay on track throughout the course. Print it out and stick it on your wall.




Bonus #9: Certificate of Completion

Upon completion of the course you will have the opportunity to earn a certificate, demonstrating that you have learned something from the course.

NOTE: To receive the certificate you will need to send in three finished nature scene as proof of participation.


Total Value: Gold Membership

Want more? The Platinum Membership

Bonus #10: PDF Summaries

PDF summaries of all the tutorials in the course. If you learn more from reading than from watching this is perfect for. It's also good if you need to quickly remember a step in a tutorial.

Valued at $97




Bonus #11: Reference Video

A collection of 7 nature videos to go alongside the tutorials. Invaluable for animators who want to learn how nature behaves in real life. All video files can be downloaded and used commercially if you wish.

Valued at $97



Bonus #12: Alpha Arsenal

A set of 30 alpha masked trees, perfect for adding to backgrounds as filler. All files can be used commercially.

Valued at $97




Bonus #13: Sound Effects

A collection of 18 sound files of nature. Perfect for animations!

Valued at $60



Bonus #14: Cloud Timelapses

A collection of cloud timelapses for reference and backdrops.

Valued at $80




Total Value



30-Day Moneyback Guarantee - 100% Risk Free

If you're not happy with The Nature Academy, shoot me an email and I will give you a 100% refund. No questions asked. Seriously! I want you to be happy with your purchase and if you aren't, I would rather give you your money back. Just contact me within 30 days and I will give you a full refund. It's my promise to you.

"Andrew Price has done it again. After the tremendous success of the WowFactor tutorial he now has released something really huge, the Nature Academy. This product is extremely well produced, and Andrew's teaching style is lively and entertaining, so you can be sure visiting his academy will be anything but boring! I highly recommend this for everyone, especially intermediate and advanced users."

-Sebastian König
Blender Tutor,

Start creating realistic nature today